Before making a reservation


No smoking is allowed inside the buildings.

No smoking is allowed in any establishment. Please smoke only in the designated areas.

Luxurious room amenities are not offered.

We offer as few room amenities as possible in consideration of the environment. Products, such as razors, are particularly difficult to recycle. We would appreciate it if you brought your own or that you take the razor home with you after use. (Please check the goods that we offer as room amenities on the website of each facility.)

We will not wait hand and foot on our guests.

We are not a traditional Japanese inn as an isolated retreat nor are we an opulent service-oriented hotel. We believe the experiences and discoveries by our guests are the true luxury. “It’s so quiet,” “This is delicious, isn’t it?” “Birds singing is comforting,” “The Milky Way from here is so beautiful,” “This chair doesn’t tire me out,” “I could alleviate the tension in my shoulders thanks to this bedding,” and so on.
Our goal is not to extend to our guests omotenashi, the Japanese way of hospitality and consideration that traditional Japanese inns usually offer. Our desire is for guests to relax in the time they spend here. We hope to satisfy your intellectual curiosity during your stay in our facilities.

We appreciate your understanding.

We also take reservations by phone. Please contact each facility directly.
Best Rate Guarantee – The best rate will be offered to you when you book directly on this website or on the official website of each facility.