Message from Jiyujin


Jiyujin is a professional in communication.
We have offered a variety of different products and services to the community under the theme “communication,” starting from magazine editing and farming to the planning, manufacturing, and sale of food products.
We have operated accommodation facilities since 2014.
We had no desire to enter the hotel business, and no desire to start the restaurant business.
Our desire was to develop a framework for new interactive media.
We could not be happier if you were able to feel even the slightest inspiration during your stay in our facilities from what you see, smell, hear, feel, and observe while sitting, relaxing, eating, drinking, and even sleeping.
Then, you can communicate what you felt through which new media integrating products, people, and philosophy will be accomplished.
“A grain of rice is the media.”
“A chair is not all about form, but the level of comfort it offers, which is the media.”
“The scenery you see is the media itself.”
The media we would like to create is not only a dialog between people, but communication initiated by products, architecture, and scenery.
Our immediate goal is to generate real media via ten regional hubs for the next ten years.
We strive to work to communicate throughout Japan.
岩佐 十良
Toru Iwasa
CEO, Creative Director